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Strong Winds on the Island

acornThe "Big Island" is certainly capable of living up to its name in more ways than one. Notably, both windsurfers and sailors were recently buffeted by blasts of up to 55 miles per hour during an unprecedented dual regatta, billed as the Big Island Blowout, that saw first windsurfers and then sailboats scream wide around the weather mark - and then try to head toward home in the most efficient way possible, beating against unseasonably heavy winds. But, in the true spirit of wind enthusiasts, there was more excitement than unhappiness about the unusual conditions. And, certainly, the mainlanders who came over to get a feel for the island wind experience got more than their money's worth in terms of thrills. Want to get a taste of what it was like to be at the Big Island Blowout? (You can link this page to others to provide actual photographs of your club's activities.)

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This section highlights destinations recommended by our contributors for wind activities of one sort or another.

(News of what happened at recent regattas, competitions, etc.) Is For You!
This section is the place to post the outcome of wind-related events that have occurred since the last update, by category: sailing, windsurfing, land-sailing, kiting, hang-gliding - you name it, as long as it involves wind. Current categories are as follows:
Big Island Blowout winners
Bay Area regatta results
Lincoln City box-kiting commentary

Buy, sell, trade, deal/swap...or just put your ideas out there, whether they're for trips, events, swap meets, or the best way to capitalize on your wind-related enthusiasm. Explore the unclassifieds to keep your finger on the pulse of the wind-enthusiast community. 

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Information about weather conditions (including reasonably accurate wind predictions). (Provide the latest in club-related news.)
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Send submissions, comments, questions, and anything else that occurs to you to us via e-mail at Going with the Wind.

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This page last updated on January 4, 2000.

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